Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super bowl...half time

Tucker is listening to Josh Groban "Little Drummer boy"....his most favorite song ever. He asks for it and ...of course we play it, and play it LOUD!!!

Best commercial so far is Doritos....the little boy who punches the guy who comes to take his momma out and tells him that 1. you dont touch my momma, and 2. dont touch my doritos. Cute!

This weekend Hunter and I painted pottery and I got to go to the movies with Kim. Finished making the 23 candy bouquets. And today have cleaned house. It is now 730 and I could go to sleep if my head it a pillow. Tucker looks like he has been through a fight. Not sure how he got the scratch on his eye or the one on his forehead....ALL boy!!!

So, he is at my feet now. Game is on and music is off.....CARS, CARS...I guess I have to play cars. Hunter and Todd are in yelling for the Saints who just scored. I am cheering for the Colts just to make it interesting.

I wasnt impressed with the half time show, The Who might have been "kickin" back in the day but not so much now.

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