Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Maybe...just maybe

Yesterday I had someone tell me “You are such a good homemaker”.

To me, that is the highest of compliments. My entire life that has been my goal, to have a home that is organized, has home cooked meals, and is full of kids. The “kids” part was changed when I couldn’t stay home and raise Hunter, something I am very much for. I didn’t want to have more kids if I couldn’t stay home, I felt that it wasn’t fair to them. I had a mother that stayed home, they should too. Ended up that I got divorced from Hunters dad and made it on one income anyway, so why couldn’t it be that I stayed home?

Anyway, that was my future as I saw it. Lots of kids, home with cookies (homemade) in the cookie jar. Super mom….my dream!

As we all know our dreams change over the years. I still work to make ends meet and to have insurance. My goals are still to be super mom but with a twist. I still try to have homemade cookies in the cookie jar, do the crafts, read the books, play on the floor with Tucker. I wouldn’t change who I am today, a version of my dream.
So to hear that I am a good homemaker….makes me feel very proud. Maybe, just maybe, I am doing something good, something right.

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Unknown said...

You have been, and always will be my idol. You are the homemaker I could only hope to be...working mom or not. YOU are definitely doing something right girl!