Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Waiting for FRIDAY....

This week has been full, and it isn’t even Friday yet.

Peanut went back to his previous owner last night. Just wasn’t working out and it WAS Hunter’s decision. He required a lot including lack of sleep for her.

Tucker has figured out how to “play” when we are doing his flash cards. I will ask him if he is ready for the word game, he says YUP, then as soon as I start the cards he turns his head the other way and laughs. SO, I am stuck on day 28 and cannot advance because he thinks it is funny to “play” when it is word game time. I am not sure how to make it clear that he needs to look at the words, that it isn’t a game. Suggestions?

I am making some of the Valentine bouquets for some of the guys at my job. I have 11 to make so have been running around trying to find candy on sale…the money we make off it will go for a day at the ceramic store for Hunter and I. (she is helping with the making of the bouquets) We have wanted to go and paint some pottery but haven’t done so….so this will give us the funds to do it.

Basketball is over as of this week. Track will be starting in March…so there is a little break between-THANK GOODNESS.

Todd has been working some extra hours so we see each other in passing most days.

Time flies working all week, coming home to do the “mommy/wifely” duties, trying to get my workouts in and then to bed…to do it all over again. Not enough hours in the day. My house needs some desperate attention!!!! UGH

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