Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nightly news....

Tucker went down around 7, then was up around 9 for about an hour then went back to sleep until 730 this morning. He did so well. He would sit up and look over for me, make sure I was still sleeping, then he would lay back down.

This morning we had a chest xray. Not sure what it will look like...we will see. Tuck has had 8 oz of apple juice this morning, a yogurt and a baby applesauce. He wants more to drink but they have him on fluid restrictions...not sure why except they are going to try to wean down the diaretics. We can eat whatever he will tolerate and wants, so I am going to order some mashed potatoes/gravy and some other soft stuff. I offered cheerios last night, wanted nothing to do with it.

Oxygen is down to 1 liter and I think he is working on a poop as I type. 3 days without one, so it is time. his heart rate is up a today, low 160's. Not sure why, maybe the working on the poop, maybe the excitement that he gets when he sees food/drinks or anything else....literally he would jump up an down if he had the strength. We will see what they say when they come by--if they come by. One thing about the floor, you dont know anything they are doing or what they are thinking because there arent really "rounds" per say going on. Not good for a OCD momma like myself.

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