Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy and tiring day....

It is amazing how fast time flies while in hospital. We had PT (physical therapy) today and Tucker walked, with assistance, around the playroom. He got his hair buzzed-via me. The volunteer that comes to do the hair cuts is out until after labor day. Eating is taking a lot of time and Tucker has very little patience when it comes to waiting to eat. He is constantly asking for drinks...which would be fine but he is on fluid restrictions due to the weaning of the diuretics. We are down to 3 of them now, down from 5. We are weaning only the adivan (the narcotic) right now and are down to .4 mils every 4 hours on it. We got our pic line out today, his white blood cell count was up to 21 (from 13)which usually means an infection is "abrewin". They will have to stick him now for blood drawls but much better than risking infection in the blood stream from an old pic line.

Today we played cars, watched Bambi, ate some sausage, and took a good nap. I even got the laundry done. I keep forgetting I can call the kitchen and order Tuckers meals. You better believe I will from now on...he loved the sausage today and was very upset when I wouldn't give him more. Mind son is getting a belly (which will be checked by surgeons tomorrow) It looks odd to me and BIG....we were 51 in the ICU and we are 61 now.? BIG belly. He pooped yesterday 4 times so it shouldn't be that he is blocked up too much but they are going to have him checked to ensure nothing is going on there that we are not aware of.

Tucker slept well again last night. It was around 9-10 when we went to bed, he even wanted the t.v off. So, I am going to do the same thing tonight. I had every intention of getting up once he was asleep but that didn't happen. Believe it or not, I get very tired being here too.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Tell him his daddy and the rest of the family misses him and his mommy very much!!