Saturday, August 29, 2009

11 hours of sleep....

Need I say more. Tucker went down, without fussing at 930 and didnt get up until 9am. I wanted to take him out to the play area, outside, but it is raining so that wont happen today. I was hoping to get him moving and sliding possibly, it will have to wait for now. Maybe we will see if PT has a reverse walker we can borrow ..I think that would be the perfect thing right now.

Other than that we have xray today. Someone coming to look at this belly and they are going to look at his leg as well. Right one is modeled left one is not and the right looks a little bigger than the we will see if they say anything or am concerned at all about it. Other than that we need to work on walking we MOVE!!!

1 comment:

kimk said...

Im glad they are doing an xray...big bellies worry me too...and got to be uncomfortable!
Glad he rested so well! His buzz looks very cute, of course!!
xoxox to you guys!