Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAYBE....just maybe

OK, so we have been of the paralyzing medicine for a little over 2 hours, came off it around 4ish. We have some wiggle and we are keeping our pressures where they are supposed to be. We are staying very quiet and not touching as well....anything to help keep him in a good place and off the medicine...heading in the right direction.

We have had quite a day....I had to talk to the charge nurse requesting that we do not have the same nurse again. I am sure she is fine, and good at her job....however she is just not confident enough for me. I have many questions, I watch intently, and I hover. Immediately this morning she accidentaly pulled on the chest wire and pulled it enough for it not to work. THIS is the wire that messures Tuckers pressure in the left side of his heart, something we NEED to have... it took one hour to get it to work, and while putting the dressing back over it, she pulled it again.!!! Now it works sometimes and NOT sometimes. Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes,,,,but I have no confidence in her now. I want someone that is confident and knows their job, enough not to be intimidated by me. I am sorry, but she just doesnt cut it. I know I am bad....but darn it all, this is my son she is to be caring for. I hate doing that, I have only had to do that one other time in all the times Tucker has been hospitalized....but I have to feel comfortable that he is getting the attention and care he needs.

Soooo, pray tonight that Tucker continues to do well moving around...that we continue to progress forward. IF we can continue to do well after 12 hours or so they will pull the chest tubes....then we will work on the ventilator. OH, by the way,,,,he is breathing over it right now, on occasion...all good signs.


Anonymous said...

Karen and Todd,
You know Karen, Todd always was one of my favorite cousins. I always saw the good in him and the strength in him. He is a good father and I believe from what I have seen he is a good husband. You too are a strong person Karen. You are a great mom and wife..I have seen that in you! You both have faith and now is when you need it. God has been building you both in your faith to this point and Tucker is strong too or he wouldn't have come this far. God knew this day would come. He knows what you all are going through. God loves Tucker even more than you guys do and He is watching Him every moment and comforting Him too. It is not ours to know the future..but it is ours to know the God of the Universe that can do anything. Keep praying for Tucker and declaring that He will Live and He will serve the Lord. However this goes God has Tucker in His loving hands. Karen and Todd We love you guys. Our prayer chain in Mercer, WI is praying for you and Mom (Mary Bryant) has her church's prayer chain praying too. Cathleen Olson ( Cathy Newton) and Pastor Larry Olson. Feel free to call us and we will pray with you too. 715-776-5734. It doesn't matter what time. These are the first pictures I have seen of Tucker...He is a beautiful child even with all the wires and tubes..Bless you guys..

Unknown said...

The fact that you stood your ground in your sons care is an admirable thing! Don't ever think you are "bad" because you know Tuck is the number one priority! Take Care