Friday, November 21, 2008

My Christmas SOAPBOX....

Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches…

The thing I love most about Christmas is decorating our home. The tree that stands tall and is lit with more than 1000 lights, all the ornaments, each one a little different than the next, all of snowmen of course. Then the ones that are special to us, those the kids have made through the years hang as trophies of years past. With soft Christmas music playing I sit and watch the tree and listen….the perfect moment.

When we were growing up we had some of the most “Charlie brown” Christmas trees but I can still remember the bows, bulbs and tinsel that was hung ever so carefully to make it beautiful. Christmas was a big deal. There were seven (7) of us kids. Christmas was all about Santa and his visit to our farm house. Back then, however, it was a time to get clothes, coats and gloves that were desperately needed during winter months. If we were lucky we might see one thing we asked for under the tree. I didn’t think much of this as we were growing up because those were things that we needed and it was always cool to get new clothes…..not hand me downs. I think anyone in my age bracket can remember those Christmas’.

Today I am very disgusted the way Christmas has been so commercialized. So much of the “I WANT”, a time that parents go into debt to get those things they think they need to get for their kids. I must admit I too was one of those parents. Presents that got opened and immediately thrown to the side to open the next, not even realizing what it was they just opened. This year I would like to skip Christmas altogether. Celebrate the birth of Christ, put up a tree and decorate but purchase not a single gift. IF gifts are to be given it is to be made by hand. A day of nothing but family, no phones, no t.v…..just games and family fun. How much better would the world be IF we all did this with our families. Laughed, played, told stories, and shared a meal. Our children need to hear from our parents, how they grew up, what times they went through, as well as WE need to hear from our Grandparents their lives and stories. I want my children to remember stories my parents tell. My kids never got to meet my Grandparents on the Tucker side but through my father they can learn about them. Same as Todd's Grandfather. Tucker never got to meet Todd's father, but through Todd he can learn about him and what kind of man he was. All of these things are very important……more than gifts.


mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I admitt, I am one of those parents. I wish I could get Kaden everything and it's not just for Christmas. I love his expression when he gets a gift. He is so polite and says thank you for everything, clothes, a new toothbrush, even new toothpaste. He says "thank you" for things he doesn't even get, I don't know if that is to entice me to buy it for him or for the fact that I acknowledge that he wants them.

So did you get your stuff up then??? We are doing ours tomorrow. I would have done it today but I am watching a mobile 5 month old tomorrow, so I figured I would spare us all if I just wait until tomorrow after he leaves.

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

'nuff said! Christmas is my favorite time of year....until it arrives. LOL!

Thanks for your help on Friday and the offer. I appreciate it.