Monday, November 24, 2008

Where is that darn Tree STAND!!!

UGH....I knew it was somewhere, I just saw I thought.
Lo and behold the last darn Rubbermaid tub I look in has the , yup, TREE STAND in it. Never mind that I had to clear everything out of the crawl space to find it, never mind that when we moved it all upstairs last year that all the Christmas stuff went into the corner guess what. I had to go and move every single tub again to find all the decorations, then stack everything back in the corner nice and neat so that next time we can find whatever it is we need. OK-so now the Christmas, and any other decorations, are as you crawl into the space so we will not have to move each one again. UGH......mark that off my list "CLEAN CRAWLSPACE" is done...not that I particularly wanted to do that this past weekend. Did I mention that this space is at the peak of the house, with remotely NO heat...yup fun times.
AFTER the crawlspace was clean and looking mighty fine....the tree was actually assembled and fluffed. I am officially the "overboard" queen. As Hunter told me last year, looks like Santa threw up everywhere. I just hope it looks "good" overboard and not tacky girls know what I mean. Tucker has yet to take interest in it other than it is taking up his playroom space, which he isn't real happy about. Actually I have stuff all over and he hasn't touched one single thing, other than the snowmen that sing We Wish you A Merry Christmas. Now that, he loves!!!! Plays it over and over and over again. We will eventually have to hide the snowmen.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

So glad you made so much progress this past weekend.
Your tree is always beautiful and although it's "full", it's not overboard.

I think the girls are going to have a hayday with the tree this year. Seriously, I may not even decorate it with ornaments! LOL!