Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cutie Pie...

Yup, yogurt all over the shirt, let me see the camera, cant sit still for one picture boy....cute none the less.

I kinda lost the 31 for 21 thing going on. Side tracked with life that is crazy with mom in the hospital, Hunter and her drama and just life as we know it. The Buddy walk went great and I have lots of pictures from it however the camera needs to be emptied to get to them. I was on my way to do that tonight when I remembered the camera was in my moms car, which is at work because I took her to the hospital the other a few more days and I will post them.

Todd is working tonight so it is just me and the kiddos. We worked on doing a lot of nothing....I did however get me a big container of I am eating my weight in them tonight as I just feel like it. Tall glass of milk, a warm blanket and brownies....OH YEAH. Maybe even a little TV of MY CHOICE, not anyone elses programs. Watch out kids mom is having things her way tonight. (sounds good but I think only the brownie eating will happen as it is already 8pm and Tuck gets bath and by then it will be 830 , then meds and to bed at 9. So I can atleast enjoy the thought )

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Rachel Dominguez said...

Tuck looks like he has just grown over night. He is starting to look like a big boy and losing that baby face. I just love him to death.

PS...Melana STILL will not watch her Signing Times. I play it every day at least once, so maybe someday she'll figure out it is entertaining. I on the other hand, now know it by heart (lol)