Saturday, October 11, 2008

#11 of 31-Getting Down with Mr Potato Head

Today Hunter, Tucker and I went to my moms to visit. Todd worked all day, making the extra money. (thanks honey) While we were there we got to play with this AWESOME Mr. Potato head. She got it at Sam's club. It has 2 regular potato heads and 2 small ones inside. The theme is safari so you have things to make an elephant, bird, monkey, and a few more. Tuck and Hunter had a good time with it, as you can see. It all fits inside the Huge Mr. Potato for storage. I told her that might be a grrreat idea for Christmas for Tucker, or for Hunter as she loved playing with it as well. (13 yo I know....but what do ya do)

My sister-in-law is coming over tomorrow. I believe we will be painting a room in the house somewhere. I found a chocolate brown at Wal Mart today on the OOPS shelf for 4.00 (just my price) So I have painted a small section in the dining room to see if I like it. It may be a little too dark but I will let everyone weigh in on it and decide tomorrow when it is light outside. I also wanted to paint the spare room. I would like chocolate brown in there too, maybe with a little "foo" finish. Then I have found the bedding which has red in it or I have also found one with blues and turquoise in it. Either one will work in there very nicely. When we moved into this house they put flat paint all over and all the same color. We have been here 3 years this month and it is time to paint and get some extra paint on the walls. I want to re due the kitchen as well, same color but something with a gloss finish. EVERYTHING shows in there because it is flat paint. (that and all the hallways--Tucker likes to stand up against them now and put his little fingers everywhere) I am not complaining, just stating a fact.

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