Friday, October 10, 2008

#10 of 31=Getting Down with Jacks Music Show

OK, so we have found that Tucker loves to TAP HIS FEET to Jacks Big Music show on Noggin. It always starts with the same song and in it is says "come on everybody and tap your feet". Then it shows Jack tapping his puppet foot. This video is of Tucker tapping his foot during the song....too cute huh? He has come to like Little Bear, which is so funny because that was one of Hunter's favorites when she was growing up as well. Little Bear and Jacks Big Music show. I am glad it is on Cable on the kids on demand channel so we have access to it whenever. Yeah, we have to watch the same ones over and over but he doesn't mind and it gives me a little break.

We have watched some of our new signing time videos and it takes Tucker a while to warm up to new ones. Just as it has with Little Bear and Jacks Music show. BUT, if I put the old signing times in he is signing right along and happy as a tinker. He will eventually sit down and watch the new ones with full attention, it just takes a while.

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mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...


It's funny, because Kaden was watching Jack's Big Music Show today on the way home from our trip and tried tapping his foot while sitting in his booster seat!!! The songs from that show get stuck in my head, and I can sing them all day.

Kaden is not a big fan of Little Bear, he will watch it, but now has learned how to use the remote so he tries to find other things to watch. Do you have Noggin??? It has all the best kid shows on it...Dora, Wonder Pets, Jack's Big Music Show, Backyardigans...the list goes on and on.

Well, have a great weekend.