Thursday, September 18, 2008

He cries...I cry....

Today I dropped Tuck off for his 3rd day of school. He cried and so did I, but at different times.
Let me start this story by saying the new time schedule and regimen is KILLING me and I know Tucker doesn’t like it much either. Today I was so flustered and watching the time that I forgot to give him his meds…YUP, I have given meds, know he gets meds, for how long now….forgot them, didn’t even get into the cabinet that they are in to attempt to make them….UGH. Luckily he is only at school today and then goes home so Todd can give them as soon as he gets there.

OK, so anyway. We are out the door at 720, 5 min later than what we need to be in order to miss all the school traffic car riders… I make Hunter walk from Tuckers school so I can get him inside and situated before I head out to work…which is tight drive time with the new drop off of Tucker. So, I take Tuck in..he doesn’t want to give up his coat, he doesn’t want to walk..just doesn’t want to be left there without Mommy. I head out the door with “breakfast is in the bag” while Tuck is crying on the carpet. As I am walking to my car I am doing the mommy self talk…He will be fine, he is probably already happy again, this is good for him….you know, the thing we all do when we think we are sending our kids over the edge.

Tuckers new school has windows on one wall of his classroom—THAT ARE OUTSIDE WINDOWS WITH NO BLINDS…yeah for me. So, of course I have to peek and make sure. He was up and following his teacher to the breakfast table where one of his fellow students was patiently waiting for his tray. Tucker walked over, across from the other child, pulled out a chair and sat down, he swung his feet around in front and waited patiently while Ms. Prell got him his bagel out of his bag. I started crying….he is fine, he is good, he is sitting down to eat breakfast like the other kids, pulling his chair out and doing it himself…….my big boy!

Things are so crazy all the time, more often then not I complain that he is so demanding, I don’t get a moments rest, always something, ….but man, I don’t mean it. I couldn’t make it without my little man to remind me of those little, pull your chair out and wait, days. He teaches me every day.!!!!


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Glad to hear he is doing so well at school. He's a tough guy! After all he has endured, school is going to be a piece of cake!

Stay strong Mama! I'm hoping to stop by the office tmrw to deliver Tucker's gift. You be around?

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I am like you, that would be so hard. It's hard for me to leave Kaden. He is always telling me "bye-bye" before I am ready to leave. I think he gets about a dozen kisses before I leave : ). Oh man, I am going to be a very embarrassing mommy when he gets older : ).

I think it is hard to believe that they are growing up, that is probably the hardest part (that and hoping that everyone treats them fair when we are not around). Well, I am glad that when you looked through the window you saw something so positive and made it easier to leave.

Is his school all day or just 3 hours? Just curious? Do they have an afternoon class that would work better for you guys, and could you get him into that class if you thought it would make it easier?

Thinking about you guys.

Way to be such a BIG boy Tuck.

Rachel Dominguez said...

He is gonna make it just fine. He is such a big boy and you should feel sooooooo proud of him. It is always hard to leave them for the first couple times, but you will adjust and so will he. He is so smart...I can see that just from reading about him. He WILL progress and be a wonderful watch.

Crying (mommy) is normal. It will happen from time to time, but always remember.....YOU are doing the best thing for him.


Anonymous said...

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