Friday, September 19, 2008

Come Sign with us.....

Signing time with Alex and Leah is one of our favorite parts of the day. Guess what!! They have some new ones coming out….in the Baby Signing time series. I have had the privilege, Tuck also, of viewing them. Baby Signing Time 3&4…. Even though they say “baby” on them, it is fun for all. We love the songs and catchy tunes. The bug song is our favorite, although “strollin’” comes in a close 2nd. Tucker has already started signing SUN. If anyone of you has watched the original Baby Signing Series these new additions stay to the colorful backgrounds; Alex, Leah and Hopkins as cartoon characters and all the fun kiddos signing while Rachel sings. I love that they have some signs that we have never seen, like spoon, balloon, game, carrot, and new-plus many more.

As you all know very well, we LOVE signing time because it has taught us how to communicate with Tucker. He can tell us what he wants and what some things are due to his knowing sign. We didn’t know sign until we came across Signing Time through a friend who has a “typical” child. That is when Tucker fell in love with the Baby Signing time series and has loved it since. It is a fun way to learn without sitting in a class room or reading a book. I have had sign classes and honestly, I have learned more from Alex, Leah and Rachel than I did in class. I cant wait until Tucker learns to do his feelings signs and the food signs so he can tell me what it is he wants to eat instead of just that he is hungry….there are so many different DVD’s that teach these things.

OK, so anyway. As you can see I am a “PRO SIGNING TIME” fan. Keep them coming Rachel. (applause applause)


mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I didn't know signs either until Signing Time. I agree they really are enjoyable for all. We actually only have two, well, now one since Kaden decided go through his DVD's and now we can't find one, but have seen several. Now the first and second seasons are on Kaden's Christmas list!!! I am trying to save up to by him the entire second season and hoping relatives will by him some from the first. I figured if we got him the entire second season we could put some away and save them for other celebrations with him. Honestly though, I don't see them staying in hiding long!!! I can't wait!!! It's amazing how fast these kiddos learn signs watching these videos.

Rachel Dominguez said...

I just wanted to Thank You for talking about Signing Times again. I asked you once before how do I get one, and I just came to check in on you guys today and remembered I hadn't ordered one yet.

I ordered the Volume 1 DVD. How long before I will need to get Volume 2?

I cant wait to have Melana learning. My niece does signing classes every year since age 5 and she is trying to teach some to Melana. She only knows "more" and "happy" and "thank you" ... I sure hope she watches this video. She IS NOT a TV kid.

Anyway~thanks again for sharing this on your blog.