Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Review....Pictures later

The weekend….where to start. Let’s start by saying that the new schedule of getting up and getting everyone ready, instead of just myself, is a toughie. I kept Tucker, pretty much, on the same schedule this weekend. We were up at 630am and tried to keep him away during the 900-1000am hour, as he tends to take naps at school during that time. He did well and didn’t nap until the afternoon. I hope this week will be easier on all of us as we continue to adjust.

Friday Hunter went to Worlds of Fun with two of her girlfriends, then they came to the house to spend the night. I really like Sara and Lydia; they are good girls with great families. After they left, we were out the door to paint the fence. YUP, the staining that I started months ago was not done completely. I can now check that off the”to do” list. House cleaning is always a weekend thing especially since we have been running or have had company for several weekends in a row---needlesstosay all the bathrooms and beds needed cleaning. Sunday was pretty much the same. I took Hunter driving a little and we decorated the front steps with some mums and corn stock. We did some play dough experimentation-Tucker just liked to throw it. We washed the dogs and their doggy blankets (yuck did they stink- I didn’t use my washing machine, took them to the laundry mat to wash).

We had a huge Praying Mantis hanging around the house all weekend. If you got too close, he looked as though he could pounce. I don’t know if they fly or jump or what but he was cool to watch. At one point we thought he left but he was back the next morning. I took some photos of him, I will post them later.

Tucker has really started talking. He now says, “gowwww” for go; “wooow” for hello; and a version that I cannot remotely get close to for “see ya later” and “I love you”. He gets other words out, not consistently, but has said several out of the blue. Always jabbering.

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