Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We have suction....

I think one of the greatest things ever invented is the suction bowl. I remember having some for Hunter when she was little but I don’t remember LOVING them as much as I do the ones I found this weekend for Tucker. It is so nice to be able to walk away while he is eating as not to be in the way of the flying yogurt. He did so well yesterday with his eating and holding the spoon. He actually got a few “full” bites with the spoon held scoop side up and not back side up…I am calling that PROGRESS. Not to mention, he almost ate a whole half of a hotdog. YUP, at first he wanted nothing to do with it. (I had put it inside the bowl. Which I know is not for hotdogs it is for YOGURT…da mom.) So, lying on the side of the bowl, on his tray, he ate it. I signed hotdog and said the word as I gave him more bites on his tray and of course I got the sign “dog” back, the panting like a dog and the look outside for the dogs. Hey, he knows what dog is right? We will continue to work on that. (smiles)

I have been working on getting him to recognize and point to people in pictures. He isn’t quite there yet but sticks his face down on the book and looks right at the person. (I think he is looking anyway)

He has said Hunter a few times. I yelled upstairs to her last night and as soon as I was done, here comes Tucker crawling up the stairs yelling for his sissy and I swear it sounded like “Hunr”. It was so darn cute because he would crawl a few steps and then stop and yell her name again, turn to look at me and then I would yell. This went on until he made it to her room and pounded on the door. He sure doesn’t lack for getting around. IF you think you can go upstairs or in the bathroom and close the door to get away…guess again, he will hunt you down, stick his little fingers under the door and pound until he gets in. Once inside he will unroll the toilet paper roll, tear it apart and pretend to blow his nose on each torn section. How could you be upset? He is blowing his nose for goodness sake.

Walking with a hand or finger is getting better each day. He seems to enjoy it a little more now. He may not go a long way but it isn’t total resistance as in the past. He even sometimes holds his hand out to grab your hand or finger to walk. So many things each day that are worked on, therapies that are done, time that is dedicated to helping Tucker become everything that he can be and do anything he wants to do…..it is in those small steps, these accomplishments that I feel most proud

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