Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Circus...little circus

OK, so at the last minute Hunter advises me that up town is having a circus! WHAT? A with elephants and clowns and stuff? YUP, if you call it that. It did have a trapeze artist, 2 elephants, 1 clown, and some jugglers. It was a little taste of the big top. Not too pricey, $11.00 for me and $7.00 for Hunter. The only trick was all the extra stuff was EXTRA money. Needlesstosay Tuck and I hung in the tent waiting for the show while Hunter ran around with her friends and spent $10.00 of her $20.00 on slides, rides, and goodies. She felt rather disappointed when she got home to realize she had spent SOOO much money. (A good way to learn if you ask me.) Tucker tuckered out on me at the intermission and slept the rest of the way, so he missed the elephant show. I took some video though. I think he would have enjoyed seeing those HUGE animals turn circles.
Tuck is alseep in the picture with his binky in his mouth, he sleeps with his eyes open most times-Todd says I do that same thing. I dont know about that but OK.....maybe he got something from me. :)

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