Saturday, May 03, 2008

New things...

I have started Tucker with a spoon while eating his yogurt each day. YUP it takes a while and is a complete mess but he needs to be working on these skills. This is the 3rd day we have tried. I need to get one of those suction cup bowls so I can stick it to his tray and put other things in it. He doesn't like much messy things on his hands so we really need to work on him betting things out of the bowl with his fingers, like hot dogs, mac n cheese and things like that. We have the dry and crunchy stuff down, no problem. His appetite has been better it seems so maybe we can get this stuff done and the tube gone. He is doing much much better with the sippy cups. That is IF you can keep him from turning them upside down and playing in the liquid that comes out when he lays it juuuust right.

He is really walking more and more with his walker as well. He stands up to it and turns around to take off. He is slowly learning how to turn in it since it does not allow him to go backwards. He has a pretty good pace and the "race track" that goes around the rooms downstairs. He looks down still and finds himself stuck but is learning that he has to watch where he is going or else.
He is napping and I have tried to upload some of the digital photos to CVS to send for hard copies. I have got to get my scrap booking started again and caught up.!!! That is a BIG understatement. It is so darn slow, I think it would just be faster to take all the disks in and hunt through them there and hit print instead of waiting on downloads to finish here. It has taken 30 min. to get 20 photos done. I am sure I am doing something wrong but I am not HIGH TECH either.

I made homemade chocolate chip cookies today and we will have spaghetti for dinner. Hunter went with her dad for the evening and Todd is working. Just Tuck and I again tonight. I think Todd will be home for dinner though. I just might put some more rolls on to raise. They were so good last weekend, Hunter ate almost all of them herself. All the neighbors are out doing yard is still a bit chilly for Tuck and I so we will hang inside.

OK, So as I said I am not HIGH TECH and cannot figure out how to flip this darn video....sorry about the sideways viewing.

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mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Look at you Tucker, eating like a big boy!!! Great job!!!

Thinking about you guys.


Sorry I missed you last week.