Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sharing with Sissy....kinda

What was he sharing exactly? Flinging sherbert. He is getting better with the spoon but still needs more, much more, practice.

Tuck loves to sit on the counter. Where he is in these pictures is HIS spot. It is a bar, not really but we turned it into a bar area, with some stools to sit up to. Under Tucker are drawers, ones that he loves to lean over and open and get things out of while he sits there for whatever reason. These drawers, a set of three, are mainly used for gadgets, papers, and then one for his stuff, tubes, cups, bottles, thermometer, the hundreds of binkies that we have,,,ya know all that stuff you dont know what to do with that takes up so much space but yet are so small. Most days he is sat there for the administration of his medicine or his tube feeds. While he plays in the drawers, finds binkies, and throws things from them we shoot things down the tube (G tube for those who dont know) and hope not to lose his attention before he throws a fit because you are messing with the BUTTON. Most days he pushes your hand away as soon as you "go for it" ---the drawers come in handy when they are used as a distraction. As he reaches over to open the drawer you can ever so fast slip your hand in under him and hook up that very long tube....then you are home free. It is funny the things we learn to do, the tricks to get things done without the fuss. YUP, usually we have a mess with a drawer empty, or a binkie in each hand and one in the mouth when we are done but no screaming kid with "blended food" all over him and me. Because if anyone has ever tried to push fluid into a G tube with the kid screaming you know what I mean about a shower of food. He's pushing out, screaming and you are trying to push in, pressure builds and a blow hole comes out of no where and you shoot food 100 feet across the room or up into the child and it splatters all over them, you and everything within that 100 feet. (I can chuckle now because it has happened so many times to me, and usually when I am in a hurry and need to head out the door....then whammy, gotta change all of us)

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Pam said...

Well, thanks for the tips on the G-tube......I think.... :)

I can tell that this is going to be quite the experience for us, and I thought the NG tube was bad....oy!!

CUTE pictures of your kids again. Have I ever told you how beautiful they are????


Pam and Rhett