Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deck building day ONE!!!

Saturday was the first official day of building the deck. My brother came over and helped us, thank goodness, look at how much we got done in one day. Mind you we have to go back and put in the lag bolts and posts, and the hangers for the 2x10's but the basis for an awesome summer retreat is underway. It is going to be plenty big.

I have been doing some much needed Spring cleaning. Curtains, windows, dusting, mopping, cleaning out drawers and cabinets......much needed and DONE!! The main floor anyway. I am sore and tired already and it is just past 2 days off of my 9!!! It will be a productive week but tiring. I think we are going to camp tomorrow, provided the rains down pour down on us. I have a big menu ready to go.....beans, pasta salad, burgers, brauts, strawberry shortcake and I might even attempt some homemade ice cream. (we will see about that) I am running out of steam. Hunter went to a friends house to spend the night, she had a friend over last night. Brett and Sheena will be here, along with Brett's girlfriend...darnit I need to go change the sheets on the beds as well. That is one thing I cannot stand is to sleep on someone elses dirty sheets. I dont care if it was slept in just one night and if they are my sister or brother, I change them for the next guest. I thought everyone did that.....but I dont think so, I know even hotels...hold on to your hats people, hotels can make the determination if they think the bed was slept in or not and change the sheets accordingly. TALK ABOUT GROSS!!!!!

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