Friday, May 23, 2008


YEAH!!!!! 9 days, no going to work...well getting paid for work anyway. We have a busy week ahead. Brett and Sheena are coming to spend the week with us while we are off. Lots of things planned---deck building being the biggest. Thrown in there also are hair appointments (new look for Sheena) KU appointment for Tucker, T-Bones game for Hunter, camping one night and possibly a drive inn movie!!! It will go fast I am sure...and I will be more tired than going to work every day but it will be nice. I am still sending Tuck to school Wednesday and Friday so I have some time to work on things without him underfoot, like washing windows and water proofing the fence. I am sure we will have lots of running for the boys to do for things they forgot to get at Home Depot too.
I will make sure to post pictures during the week of our progress. I hope the rain stays away and lets us accomplish what we want to....NO RAIN DANCING EVERYONE. Instead lets sing "rain rain stay away come back another day...."

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