Sunday, May 25, 2008

He is just so darn CUTE!!

OK, so I went for IEP with our new Early Education team on Thursday morning. Tucker gets put into the school system on his 3rd birthday and we have done all the testing. He qualifies and has been recommended that he attend school 4 days a week for 3 hours. Of the 12 hours he is there he will get 3 hours of therapy. He will ride the school bus there and they will transport him to his current Preschool after school...BONUS.

I live with this young man every day and see so much that he has accomplished, the leaps and bounds that he does every single day. Man, what a downer to have someone come in and evaluate your son and tell you his is basically at a 12-18 month old developmentally. They just cant measure those things they don't see....and Tucker doesn't show off on demand. (imagine that)

The picture of Tuck in the frog chair is him eating Doritos watching signing times in the kitchen. His most favorite thing ever is Signing time, he loves the Great Outdoors (#8). We can know sign wind, tree, he attempts tent, back yard, bridge, and skunk. I really like the songs in this video, they are pretty catchy and I try to sign with Rachel as we sing...I cannot keep up but hit a few of them.

The picture of him on the picnic table, well. Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent. Ha. It was decided that he needed to spend more time standing, working on endurance. SOOOO, I thought I would bring up the table for him to stand at while working on pushing cars across it, or doing puzzles, or coloring or ....well, as you can see Tuck had his own idea. I guess my idea wasn't as fun as his. (Like his new hair grown up huh?)


Cathy said...

I just have to tell you that I sent my trio off to Early Childhood when they turned three. I know it's frustrating to hear that your child(ren) are behind, but some of the time it's because of the dumbest things ever. My kids are behind because they don't know how to jump off of steps. Why would I teach my kids that on purpose? I am not complaining though, I love the fact that my kids will have a head start in their education. When they get to kindergarten they will know exactly what to do.

Thanks to Signing Time, my kids already knew their alphabet, counting, etc. I was thrilled that they tested "behind" because now they can get "ahead".

Good luck with school!

Unknown said...

Hey girl...did you know that Tucker won the cute village on Will's page? I was hoping he would win:) Tucker will love school and they will see how amazing, smart and beautiful he is! By the way, got a job I start on June 2nd.