Thursday, April 24, 2008


So I get a text today with those exact words on it from my loving daughter. Why? Because she had to get her 2nd Garda Sil shot today on the fly…without notice, without warning and without bribing with ice cream. YES, my 13yo hates shots yet wants to be a surgeon.
I had forgotten to schedule her 2nd shot and called yesterday to schedule it—thinking I had until May 7th to get the 2nd one in the series of three. NOPE, was due after the 2nd month, April 7th. So LATE….UGH. Anyway, thank goodness for mom. She had Hunter today for “take your child (grandchild) to work day” and I asked her to run her by on her way home to get it….hence the no notice thing. I guess I need to be more on the ball for the final shot.

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