Friday, April 25, 2008

Is it REALLY Spring???

Can you say BR-R-R-R-R. The temp has dropped 20 degrees since 715am. This Missouri weather is crazzzzy. Hunter is probably freezing, she wore some capri’s today with flip flops and a T-shirt. (what a great mommy I am-letting her leave, knowing Missouri weather as well as I do)
The Honda is home and started this morning for me. Thank goodness! With gas hitting $3.47 a gallon today I need the more mileage per gallon machine to work. This weekend I am planning on staying at home and getting some garage sale marked, maybe some scrap booking done, the basement cleaned up, the laundry done, the bathrooms scoured, some movies watched, the crawl space straightened, make some homemade rolls, and after that…if I have time---pick a bail of cotton. (hee hee) In all honesty, I used to be that productive….not so much anymore.
I am definitely ready for the weekend, nothing to do, no leaving the house. The next couple will make us venture out with Graduations, garage sales and visits from family out of town. Staying home sounds really good….if I could just get Tucker to sleep in instead of getting up at 630!
I hope everyone has a nice, relaxed weekend. I wish the weather was nicer but if it was I would want to be out and about in it, so rain and cold is OK this time.

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