Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quick notes

Tuck is with Lisa again today. Todd is out with work, doing some kind of something someone volunteered him for. Way out in I don't know where, past Macon somewhere. Anyway, they do that very often to us and sometimes it is very frustrating. OK----off on something else.
Lisa is doing so well with Tucker. She even worked in 2 therapies at her house while Tuck was there. I sure appreciate her making the slot for Tucker. I think he royally enjoys the kids and being in a different atmosphere.
The Honda is in the show, which absolutely kills me because gas is so darn high. What is the President doing? He needs to step up. I don't know how minimum wage persons are making ends meet with gas, day care ??? ( i don't mean that in any way derogatory) That alone kills, not to mention the increase in food cost. OK, I wont even get started on all that because I sure would like to be President for a day!!!! Anyway, the Honda has hit or miss on starting the past month, the days it starts I drive it the days it doesn't it sits. Friday it stranded me at work, so it is in the shop. I hope it is nothing major.
Hope everyone has a nice evening. I am hoping to catch another 2 mile walk since the weather is so nice....we will see.

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