Monday, February 11, 2008

No News.....

No news is good news right. Well we are pretty much the same. I am feeling better, not quite up to normal but getting better each day. Tucker is also doing better, still has some major congestion but not as bad. Let's see. The weekend was pretty much uneventful. I did clean out some stuff , trying desperately to get ready to start back scrapbooking. (ha-we will see just how far I get) I think we have decided to take all the storage stuff from the basement up to the crawl space that sets off Hunter's room. She will be moving downstairs when we get that bedroom done so she wont be using the crawl space as a "hide out" any longer. I think everything that we have in rubbermaid tubs will fit up there which will make the basement much more organized. That is where I am setting up a card table and all my scrapbooking stuff so I can leave it out to work on.....well that is until Todd starts working on the basement again at which time I will have to relocate. I dont think that will be any time soon though so I think I might get to get a little in before that occurs. That is IF I can get the darn stuff out of the tubs and organized enough to know where to start. I havent scrapped since Tucker was in the hospital for his 2nd heart surgery. I started Hunter's school pages for this year but have since left them alone also. So much to do, so little time. E for effort right?
Carla came over tonight (thank you) and helped me with my latest project. YEAH, never a dull moment. I have an idea for the bathroom upstairs, and have had it since we moved in. In the shower curtain there are travel scenes. One is of a beach chair under an awning with some flip flops laying beside it. WELL, of course I want to replicate the awning in the bathroom. SO, Carla came over to help me sew it together since I have absolutely NO Sewing capability. I must say, I do believe it will look cool when it is done. Todd made the frame and now I just need to attach the awning and do some fancy tactics to get it to look right. Then I have some painting and sayings to do on the walls to match what is in the curtain as well and that room will be done. It is slow but progress none the less. It is the cabana bathroom. I need one of those beach mats for the rug as well, I am sure I can find one at Walmart when summer comes. I will post pictures once I get the awning up...and as I make my final touches. Tucker's bed and toy box are complete-paint, sanding and all. The only thing I would like to do in his room that isnt done is some barn wood to outline the cool ceiling he has. Dont know if that will ever happen but that would put the icing on the cake in his room. The bed turned out so good....with all the painting in there, the barn room is stamped done-that is until I can find some barn wood :) Hunter wants oriental in her room downstairs--I am so excited it will be fun to do. I have already got my eye on a fake bonzi tree and some lanterns to hang. She has found a black and red bed set to go as well. ( I know I spelt bonzi wrong but the darn spell check isnt working on this darn blogger)
Ok, so I have gone off on a little something about nothing so I will go. Enjoy the picture. Sissy was giving Tuck a piggy back ride, he loves them! (OK so blogger wont let me download my picture either...i will try later)

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Megan said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I guess I didn't realize how close you were to here. I can't wait for the goodies!! Thanks again.
p.s. Glad you are feeling better