Friday, February 08, 2008

Can you say....OH MY GOSH!!

Bugs, hate them! And am not talking about the creepy crawly ones that you can smash with a shoe. I am talking the ones that live in the air, that seem to latch on to my family at every chance.......Spent the day at Mercy with Tucker. Can you say RSV!!! 102 temp and several tests later. They let us come home but on close watch. Our Ped. called to check on us about 330 when I had gotten Tucker home, a nice bath and some more tylenol. Evedintally I left a very good impression on the ER doctors because they made mention of "Tucker's mommy didnt look so good either" to her. She called to check on us both. I am still under the weather myself but I am much more worried about Tucker. I am sure we have had this virus before, it is what we have as a common cold, but with the heart condition it puts him at risk more. We have oxygen on hand and a suck machine so we can suck the gunk without having to rely on someone else to do so. We are to watch his respitory and his perfusion (nothing new in our world) so I was confident that we could handle the rest and watch closely from home and not in "house". He actually just got up from his nap--he was tired tired.
That is us in a nut shell.


Megan said...

Wow!! I hope you and Tucker are feeling better. Isabella has been fighting the crud for what seems like forever.
saying prayers for you

Carey said...

hi there! hoping you're feeling better after the weekend. wanted you to know we got the ballon AND they tracked down the cards! They're adorable, thanks! i don't know when you find time, especially being sick!!! yuck. hang in there!