Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mercy Day 2

Hunter continues to get a little bit more herself each day. Yesterday I helped her take a shower. She is still having headaches but on a scale from 1-10 they are a 5 now instead of 10. The infectious disease doctors are now in charge of her and her doses of antibiotics that she will get and the length that she will get them. Her spinal fluid is still be cultured out, so far nothing has cultured into anything. Today will mark 48 hours and they are hoping to see something. The problem is is that she had ammoxicillian which masks meningitis. So it may not culture out at all. They did say that she will probably be in from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on the culture they do get. Best case is she will come home this coming week with a pick line, which is an i.v. that we will dose her med's to her in. But she could be home with a home health nurse. Her neck is still stiff and back still hurts but the headaches are slowly going away so hopefully that is a good sign that the medicine is working. The concern is her hearing. She cannot hear people talking at a normal tone. They are going to do a hearing test on her-this is a side effect of meningitis. It effects the brain, eyes, and hearing. We did the CT and it was fine. Her sight seems fine also. Monday we will get more answers on everything. I think that is the day they will take her to radiology and do the pick line. It will go in her upper arm and makes a line straight to her heart. Anyway, that is the update. Thank you to Carla and Courtney and Courtney and Justin for coming to see her. That made her day!


Megan said...

I am so sorry to hear that Hunter is sick. I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. I also wanted to thank you so much for the flannel you sent. That was very kind of you. My mom is already making blankets out of it and we will probably take them up to Mercy in January when we go to clinic. Take care and we are praying.

Anonymous said...

I don't like this place at all!
It's not fair I have to be here. Thanks mom for writing about me and keeping people updated.
Hunter <3

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you guys! Keep us updated!
Kelly and family