Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We are home. Hunter got released yesterday around 330pm. We had the PICC line put in, they did it in her room while we watched yet another episode of Grey's Anatomy. It was funny because the nurses had not followed the show but knew who McDreamy was. Hunter was sure to fill them in on what questions they had.
We had home health come out and show us how to do her i.v. pump and meds. I really could be a nurse without any schooling I think....not really but sometimes I feel like it. Hunters hearing is still bad. She was outside the normal range but they think it is because of the fluid on her ears still. They are saying it could take 6-8 weeks before it is normal or close to normal. We have to follow up with the audiologist in 2 months. OMG-the level at which this child has to hear things is really LOUD. I just pray it comes back soon and within normal range!
Tucker has a cold. Green slime, but they say that that is not necessarily a sign of infection. A cold goes through the green stage then back to clear again-didn't know that-infectious decease told me that. He has been rather fussy the last few nights. Doesn't want up or down, doesn't want to play or sit,,,just kinda wanders around like he is looking for something but cannot figure out what it is-and he fusses the entire time. He is coming out of the "rocking to sleep" stage and will lay beside me and fall asleep now. Todd advised me last night that this needs to be stopped now, not when he is 4yo. I am just so tired I fall asleep right beside him and stay there all night. Nothing other than lazy I guess. That and the binky.....I dread trying to break either one. I love how he puts his hands on my face as he falls asleep-but the kicking all night isn't so great for restful sleep...the binky keeps him quiet instead of hearing all the moaning and noise he makes. (bad mommy--I guess I am getting old and grumpy) Don't get me wrong, I love that he makes noises and is learning to communicate...I don't mean to discount that at all... Anyway...Tuck was glad to see sissy. We have to watch him around the PICC but so far so good. Thank you to everyone who called and checked on her. Thank you Grandma Leah for watching Tucker and Cathy for sitting with Hunter for several hours on Saturday.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Glad to see Hunter home, hope she's feeling better. Hopefully Tucker will get over his cold soon and be ready for Christmas. Call if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

OMG hunter why were you in the hospital??? i havnt heard anything bout it so will you fill me in??? Wll i g2g!!! WE MISS YOU AT SCHOOL!!!