Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gowns and Masks

OK, soooooo...where to start. We were admitted into Mercy today about 100pm. No, not with Tucker but with Hunter. She has been so sick since Thanksgiving with only about 1 week of feeling OK time. She started headaches and pain in her back and neck. Well, they have thrown around the "meningitis" word. We wont know for sure until her cultures come back. We do know that she has more white blood cells in her spinal flood than normal. YUP, we had to do a spinal tap today. She has been "quarantined" so gowns and masks are required for people coming in. I am not sure what made them quarantine us now, after being here since 10 am in e.r. but OK. So, to recap everything that we have told the doctors several times is the time line. Thanksgiving-pneumonia, out of z pack and 1 week back to school, this past Saturday she started an ear ache, then Sunday it was in both ears. We went to Minute Clinic and was put on 2000 milligrams of amox. and ear drops. Headaches started on Monday night. Got progressively worse where she would seem out of it, not comprehending what we said or asked until 3 of 4 times of talking to her. Went to regular doctor yesterday and they changed her to another z pack and some different ear drops and gave her a shot for her headache. The shot worked about 2 hours and she was back to severe pain. I tried every medicine in the cabinet last night to knock her out so she could sleep through the headache that ensued last night. 4 am she woke up crying again, I called Mercy. Since she has double ear infections (diagnosed) try a decongestant to see if that relieves any of the pressure. Did that and gave her some more medicine at 8am-still had headache. When I got to work, I paged Tuckers Pediatrician and she said take her to E.R. From there, we are. She is asleep and I am updating in the family room at Mercy. She has her headache still tonight but it is more of a dull pain instead of sharp. They took a CT of her head to see if they saw any "clumps" of bacteria in her brain, it came out fine-just some sinusitis. So, she is on i.v. medicine as of now awaiting results of her culture. I am not sure it will show anything, she has been on so many antibiotics that it may not culture out. They say that it is like she has been treated for it but not fully. Again, I am not sure what that means or will entail in regard to our stay here. She is having troubles hearing and talks really soft because it feels like she is screaming in her head. I just pray there is no permanent damage to the ears. They are pretty badly infected. Todd has been home with Tucker all day. I had brought him down to Mercy yesterday because he too is showing signs of cold and congestion. We are not, not yet anyway, starting anyone but Hunter on antibiotics. That may or may not change.
I have to say. Hunter was so cute tonight. I am her little nurse maid right now, water, tea, anything you please.....her head was hurting so I curled up in bed with her and held her hand. She said," I don't want you to go, dad doesn't take as good care of me as you do". AWWWWW, yup she got an early Christmas present for that comment. She was paying me a compliment not dogging her dad, but it still tore at my heart. Her dad is staying the night and I will come back in the morning. I want to go home and see Tuck Tuck and Toddy for a while before another day here. Todd has taken the next few days off and I am off to tag team. The E.R doctor said it could be a 2 week stay!!! OMG. We will see as we go though.

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