Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And we have weight gain!!!

Tucker had a visit from the nutritionist yesterday. He gained 10 ounces in 2 weeks. That makes a total of 1 pound in one month with the new “food” we are giving him. He is now 25 pounds exactly. He is still charting on the normal baby charts--which is great! His head still did not grow any-she is still not concerned but wants me to discuss it with the pediatrician. (We are seeing her tomorrow for Tuckers cold so I will talk to her about it then.
This time around we are taking away one of the Pediasure and adding 12 0z. of water, 2 TBS. of Nutramigen formula, 2 TBS of cornstarch, another fruit and another ½ TBS of olive oil. This will make up his calories for the day. She wants us to give it over a more consistent 20 minute time frame. Not sure how we are going to get that accomplished exactly. It won’t go through the pump, it is too thick. We are syringing it right now which goes rather quick but we take breaks in-between. Like we give 2 full syringes, which is 4 oz of liquid, then we wait 10 min or so and give another 2 syringes. She wants us to push slower and take 20 minutes to get it all in at more even intervals. She argues that we don’t get food dumped into our tummies all at once; we need to keep it more realistic and slow over a 20 minute feeding time instead of putting it in quickly. I completely understand where she is coming from but COME ON. I cannot sit and hold this syringe for 20 minutes and try to keep Tucker still. IF we hook up, squirt 1 oz then unhook then hook another 1 oz then unhook…yeah Tucker isn’t going to go for that either. As it is, he runs from us when he sees the syringe coming. I am not sure what the answer is exactly, experiment I guess.

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