Saturday, October 06, 2007

Uneventful Saturday (Entry #5)

Usually this day is for cleaning-today that did not happen! Tucker didn't sleep very good last night at all so I have been watching Food Network all day and let him do whatever he wanted. He is finally asleep and I am awake,,,I kinda sat in the chair the past few hours dozing off and on while he played in the play room. As you can see, he had a BLAST! He threw everything out of the toy box, even the diapers got thrown about.

Todd is working and Hunter has a baby sitting job, so it is just me and Tuck tonight. I just made dinner and I must say it was pretty darn good. Now I am going to go up and crawl into a blanket next to Tuck on the couch and finish my Iron Chef America competition. Tucker will wake up full of energy again so I will be forced to get up then, but not a minute before....not today anyway. Then we will get bath and have some "clean up the playroom time" afterwards. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day off--- I live for the weekends when I can be at home, I love being home, doing crafty things and making goodies! I might just make some applesauce tomorrow if I can find the apples. I love FALL and pumpkins and the leaves changing it is the best time of the year. Although, I do love sitting by the pool in the summer....OK so each season has its perks and things I like.

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