Sunday, October 07, 2007

New things

Today Tucker opened his Puff container with his hands. Usually he uses his teeth to open it but today he put his hand around it and used his finger strength to take the lid off. He did it several times-progress in the fine motor catagory!! He also played with one of the "slimy" toys I got for therapy. I sat with him and showed him it was fun for me to play with and he joined in. There are times that he still throws it across the room but he did play with it for about 10 minutes with me. He is growing so. The other thing he is doing is HITTING. I am not sure, other than holding his hands down, how to get it to stop. He laughs and thinks it is a game. Hunter, I dont remember hitting, but she was a biter. I finally bit her back and she quite. (harsh but had to be extreme with her) Spanking is not the answer for Tucker so I have to figure out a way to make him stop. He hates to have me hold his hands down, or fold his arms, so he cannot move them. I am trying to show him soft touches instead of hard ones,,,,we will see how it works over the next week or so. I have tried to ignore the action and go on but sometimes I just cant....he has a strong and hurtful slap.
We start the reading program tomorrow. I went over it with Todd tonight, he will have to do 2 of the 3 presentations of the words each day that he his home with him. I am excited to see how Tucker likes or reacts to it.

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