Friday, October 05, 2007

31 for 21 (Entry #4)

This blog is full of things after Tucker was born. Here are some things you may not have known.
1. I found out at20 weeks that there could possibly be a hole in my unborn child's heart.
2. At 21 weeks a level 2 sonogram was done for which soft sides of Downs were seen; the cutest sandal toe I had ever seen. An amnio was done.
3. That was on a Thursday, the longest three days followed.
4. The following Monday we had preliminary results that T21 was the diagnoses with heart defects that would require surgery.
5. We morned the baby that we thought we were having, the "normal" life we would have would be gone. The questions of what to do were constantly on our minds.
6. I received a phone call from one of my co-workers, a "higher up" co-worker, my superior. He had a daughter that was Downs. I never knew, he always talked of Bailey, but never did I know she had Down Syndrome.
7. He taught me that day that Bailey was Bailey first and Downs 2nd.
8. I called and hooked up with the Downs Syndrome Guild of Greater KC.
9. I received a packet of information from them. I read the book, Babies with Downs. What a downer. Another phone call to my "superior" lead to another conversation of they are kids first, every kid has problems of some sort.
10. I called and met with a Cardiologist.
11. We got the step by step of the heart defect that our son would be born with. What surgeries would be needed-that is IF his heart continued to grow.
12. I met three different pediatricians, trying to find the best one for our son. Someone that had dealt with Downs children and would tend to our every need with such complicated heart defects.
13. I met with my OBGYN, he introduced me to his nurse who has a Downs nephew, she was a blessing!! She helped a lot in answering questions.
14. I was very concerned with putting our unborn child through a vaginal delivery, wanted to make sure he was OK with his heart problems, that he could handle them.
15. Lots and Lots of doctor appointments ensued. Stress tests were done every week, sometimes two times a week to make sure all was good.
16. I was dilated to a 3 when the pediatrician that was to take care of Tucker until we got transferred to Children's Mercy decided that he did not want to deliver him this far away from the hospital he would need to be at.
17. I had to find another OBGYN (dilated to a 3 mind you) that would deliver me at a hospital right across from Mercy.
18. Met new OBGYN on Thursday Sept 8, 2005.
19. Walked at our first Buddy walk on Sept 10, 2005. Man was it hot, and I had contractions all day.
20. My water broke at 3 am on Sept 11, 2005.
21. Tucker was born at 1:50 on Sept 11, 2005 and was transferred to Children's Mercy within 2 hours of delivery.

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