Thursday, October 04, 2007

Get it Down (Entry #3)

Today I celebrate my son with Downs Syndrome and everyone that has been a part of our lives since his birth. What a team we have, therapist', doctors, nurses, Home health staff, teachers, the DSG, NDSS and many family and friends.

My little man if funny, the picture above is of therapy tools we got for his birthday. Tucker doesnt care for the things that feel slimmy or form to your hand. I found a few more fun things at the dollar store and introduced them to him last night, they lit up and everything, NO GO. I laid them on his head, he would just put his hand up, grab it and throw it across the room. I would go after it again, this time I would lay it in his lap or rub it up and down his leg, across the room it goes again. I dont get it, he LOVES the water log toy but wont touch the things with "tenticles", and the balls with the spikes-LOVES them too.
The drops from ENT are working. He sounds so much better already and amazing enough his eye is clear. I dont know if that is from the drops or if it is just a fluke but his eye looks great. He is also eating better this week. Found out he likes peach yogart! That is good, now I dont have to worry about getting the Danactive stuff in to his daily routine. (the active cultures help his belly)
On a note about mom and dad...we started our "watching what we eat and exercising" and OMG I am sooo hurting. Todd can not do anything for months and run a mile still in no time flat with no side effects. ME? Well, even my shoulder blades hurt this morning. The sad thing, all I did was walk last night, for an hour pushing the stroller, but it was just a walk. I AM GETTING OLD!!!

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