Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Celebrate (Entry #2)

Today I celebrate my son with Downs Syndrome. On Wednesdays I get to take Tucker to school and get my "Tucker smiles" fix. He is so happy in the car, with music playing ,his legs are going up and down. My Mr. Happy Feet. We received an AWESOME cd for his birthday that says his name in the songs as they are sung. Check them out at (Thank you Krissa and Gary for the cd) Tucker thinks it is funny to hear his name, it is so funny to look back at my big boy, sitting in his big boy car seat, laughing and kicking those feet. Sometimes we even get the arms raised up and down at the same time. He is going to be my John Travolta of dancing and my Gene Simmons of ROCK!! He has the same appreciation for music as his daddy...Todd loves music, any kind. Tucker is the same way.
I have been checking out different sites that have other families that have 21 kiddos. You can check in on them also on the link on the left. I read some of them and think "I know how they feel or I know what they are saying". Our kids are great, they bring us great joy-like any kid with or without dissabilities. We are more alike than different--I think that says it all!

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