Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Awe HA.......(Entry #15)

I knew this but took Karen from Out of the Box to remind me. We have had issues with Tucker looking at us, we thought, instead of the flash cards we are flashing each day. When we got to talking and I was explaining how we were flashing the cards, how far away we are sitting, the fact Tucker is far sighted and that one eye crosses… Awe Ha. Sometimes kiddos over compensate by tilting their heads back and focusing with one eye, blocking out the eye that is crossing or not focusing-therefore making it look as though he is looking at our faces and not the cards. I knew that, had heard of that, and just forgot that. Her daughter did the same thing and she too had forgotten. So, we are to continue as planned and stay on the path we are on. YEAH!!!! She did say to make sure nothing is going on around him so he can concentrate on the cards and we are only to spend 1 second, no longer on the cards. It goes rather quickly. Don’t linger at one card because we think he did or did not see it or was paying attention- 1 second and we have 10 cards three times a day. WOW, 30 seconds of “card play” a day. Worth every second if it works as it should

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