Monday, October 15, 2007

Check me out!! (Entry #14)

Tucker has been working on this for some time. I finally bought a gate to put on the stairs to distract however he can still get to the platform. He does really well and takes rests every 5 stairs or so. We are so proud. LOVE THE NEW CAMERA WHICH MAKES THE FILM CLIPS POSSIBLE!!!!

This is the second full week of Out of the Box flash cards. I have lots of questions for the gals when they come back in Dec. The Guild has booked them to come and show again-December 10th for anyone interested. Tucker looks at us and not the cards, I think he glances at the cards but does not stare at them like I think he should. I know we are not to move the cards around but also want the most out of the experience. We want WORDS, big vocabularies, lots of talking.....I will probably eat those words when he does because he probably wont be quiet. That is OK will be welcomed.

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