Sunday, August 05, 2007

National Downs Syndrome Convention

Hunter, Tucker and myself attended the convention that was held at the Hyatt and Westin hotels this weekend. WHAT A WEEKEND!! Busy busy busy with lots of new friends that have been made. I attended seminars during the day while Hunter played and got acquainted with new friends, friends that have siblings with Downs Syndrome. I attended signing, talking, therapy, and discipline seminars. Their were several speakers, one of which was a lady with Downs syndrome(Karen) that had swam the English Chanel. The couple (Christi and Austin shown above) hold positions on the board of the Downs Syndrome Committee. Chris Burke was there-for those of us who are old enough he played Corky in the TV series Life Goes on back in the day. There were so many AWESOME stories of successful lives....accomplishments that were reared with parents that pushed the limits and kids that show extraordinary courage.

We met families with stories like ours, searching for help and answers from those who have gone before us. The 'label' of ignorance for our children was the topic today, to erase the past and look at the future. These kids, show great determination, great courage, great abilitiy (not disability) to do what we call NORMAL people stuff. Graduates, job holders, book writers, swimmers, human beings with feelings, with hopes and dreams just like you and me. It was an AWESOME tears of joy weekend.

I have posted some pictures. There was a dance last night and everyone was invited. You would not have been able to keep a smile from your face seeing what I saw when these kids, danced and had a ball of a time. Screaming when the YMCA came on, the electric slide, Oh Mickey,,,,the list goes on and on. I cannot wait until Tucker can get out there and dance-not that he and I didnt shake our stuff, we most certainly did. He loved it!

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Anonymous said...

tht convention waz a blast and i really hope tht we go go to the one next year thts held n Boston. So ya. Wat a BLAST!!!!
luv ya mom,
HuNtEr :P