Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tibits of Newness

Tucker is finally able to play in this jungle gym that I bought a year or more ago at a garage sale. I have it set up in his play room along with his other stuff. I switched out some toys from his room and put some up that he plays with now. I am hoping that will give him some different skills to work on. He has learned to practically run in his walker. It is nothing for him to get around corners and into every ones business.
I took Tuck to the doctor last week. After our busy weekend at the convention Tucker spiked yet another fever of 103. Tuesday I took him to see Dr. Brewer and ran some blood work, took chest xrays and did a nose swab. They checked everything. They did call us this week and told us his blood work cultured out to show a summer virus. He is covered in a rash which they also said could be caused by the virus. Antibiotics will not work on virus'. He missed daycare all last week and has been a BEAR to live with. Constant whining and crying. No sleeping 2 hours in a row. Makes for a cranky mommy and daddy too. Here we thought we would cruise through summer and have illness through winter, it has been just the opposite this year. We cannot stay well this summer for anything. That cuts out any outdoor activities completely out of the picture. I just hope he is well and it isn't too hot for the walk and his birthday party, otherwise he will have to stay home for the walk.
Yes, it is time for his 2nd birthday!! How the time has flown. We are going to celebrate on the 22nd after the walk here at the house. Everyone should be in town and close to celebrate with us. I am not sure what it will entail yet but it will be a PARTY!!!!

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