Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Review and Preview

Well, this past weekend we made salsa once again. YUP, 24 pints of it. It was an all day Saturday thing and then Stephan and Shelley came and hung out. Grannie was up for a few days and stocked our freezer with homemade bread-YUM. Tucker has been fighting all the congestion still but seems to slowly be getting better. Staying home all weekend helped him get back to his routine. Last week was crazy with running and some nights we werent home until bed time-which is no fun for anyone.
Hunter is home from Grandma's and Tucker is SOOOO happy. She is his buddy and they play off and on during the day. Mom just doesnt cut it sometimes, I dont play like they do. Tucker has 3 more teeth that have reached the surface and poking out. That makes 19 teeth altogether. It will take a while to get them all the way through but they are up.
Sheena moved into a cute little apartment a few weeks ago. We went to see it on Friday. It will be a nice place to have while she is attending school and working. Rent is reasonable and it is close to both school and work. Brett is in Australia on his basketball adventure. They are stopping in Hawaii on the way home...man, 17 yo and awesome trip to experience.
This weekend we are attending the National Down Syndrome Convention that is in Kansas City. It is supposed to be "the event" and a great honor to have it in Kansas City. They have all kinds of things planned downtown to help entertain all the families from out of town. I will post pictures later.

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