Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life is short

I dont know why life is so hard some times. It seems just when you get ready to make headway, some other thing comes up and makes us fall flat on our faces. Whether it is raising our kids, or working, paying the bills or just living day to day. I know a lot of us are struggling.. I just wanted to tell everyone..Hang in there!
I want to share a story. I was at Children's Mercy on Monday with Tucker. I was waiting on his prescription to be filled when I saw a father taking his daughter in for blood work. His daughter, maybe Hunter's age (12 or so) was in a wheel chair and seemed to have MS maybe. He wheeled her out and into the driveway where his car was parked. He pulled the wheelchair up to his car, making sure to get extra close so as not to drop his daughter on the transfer from the chair to the front seat. After several attempts, backing the chair up and back, he finally lifted her from her chair and got her sitting in the front seat. She had no muscle movement at all when he did so. He had to move her legs to the car and buckle her in. I, of course, teared up. What most people would see as a burden, I am sure he sees as a blessing.
If everyones problems were thrown in a room and you could choose, I am sure you would come back out with what you threw in. Remember to love each other, and dont take the good things in your life for granted.
I know, I am a dork!

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