Sunday, July 15, 2007

House update

The fence is done. We were going to start the deck this week but we have put that on hold. Sheena starts school in August and looks like she will need some help. She got an apartment in Sedalia, still working at JC Penney. She just moved in this weekend. She is VERY excited. She had been looking and actually had two other ones she had set up to move and both fell through. SOOO, when she found this one, she paid the deposit and first months rent and moved! She is OFFICIALLY an adult with adult seems like yesterday she was jumping rope.
Todd put up my pot hanger. It is an old rung ladder--it turned out awesome! I just love it when things turn out better than you had expected. We put a front storm door on the house. It is nice to leave open and let the sun come through. It will be nice in the spring also to put the screen in and let the breeze come in. Nothing further on the basement. It stopped when the weather got nice. Inside work is for outside bad.. We have all the warranty people coming in to fix anything that we need fixed,,can you believe we will have been here a year in OCTOBER. Man, it has flown.

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