Sunday, July 15, 2007


Nothing really new to post. I think Tucker has put on 5 pounds, he feels like it anyway, in the past 2 weeks. His appetite comes and goes most days. He has started eating Pringles chips, McDonalds french fries and cheeseburgers. He eats yogart (on a good day) most days it is crunchy-cheeros, puffs, dry cereal, crackers..the heck with mushy.
I believe Tucker will be attending Preschool two days a week now. We had applied for some funding almost a year ago and some came through. It will cover the current one day a week and then cover an additional day a week. AWESOME!! He SOOOOO loves going. He has come out of his shell, plays with the kids now and joins in group sessions, plays with the toys there (I always take something from home in case he has a hard day--glad to know he doesnt need it anymore) They have no problems with him, even with the feeding tube! It will be great to have some additional time with other kids and interact and learn from the others. His bestest bud is Payton. They play ball-Tucker lit up on Wednesday when I dropped him off when Payton walked would have thought Todd had walked in the room the way his face lit up. (Todd and Tucker are best buddies---he loves his daddy)

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