Monday, July 09, 2007

I know, I have been terrible at posting. The short and long of it...Tuck has been sick, Todd finished the fence completely (waterproofed and all), Hunter gets braces on Wednesday, I did some late Spring cleaning when I found some ambition this weekend and I did some more salsa. The 4th was good, we went to Steve and Shelley's for a grill out. It rained a smidge but didnt ruin our time. Todd and I attended the Def Lepard concert with my two brothers and their wives on the 3rd. We have introduced a sippy cup to Tucker, he holds it like he knows what to do but lacks the "know-how". He is letting go and standing on his own for a few seconds, that is until he realizes he is doing it by himself. Hunter is back from Grandmas for the week, doing some dog sitting while our neighbors are out of town.

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