Monday, October 16, 2006

We have MOVED!!

The move is done...finally. Old house gone, new house full of stuff. It was a very busy weekend with moving, unpacking and hanging stuff up. The house is coming together though. You know me, gotta have everything settled and in its place pretty quickly. Tuck's room turned out cute. Hunter loves her new room with the clocks on the wall of the different time zones. Todd hung towel bars, pictures and curtains last night for me. The dogs dont know what to do or where they are at quite yet. Me....well, a big stress has been lifted now that all the paperwork is done and the move is complete. We cannot pull into the garage yet--soon though, very soon. I absolutley love the new place. It is amazing that we had all this stuff in a small two bedroom house-it has filled the new place making it home!!!
I hope to post pictures soon. The computer isn't unpacked as of yet.....soon though, very soon.

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