Friday, October 06, 2006

E.N.T Results

Well, we will be going for a swallow study on Tuesday. Depending on the results of that we will be doing one of two being a G tube (Mickey button) in the stomach to get rid of the NG tube in his nose, or a G tube along with a fundo, which is a blocking off of things that could come up from the stomach to the throat and mouth. They believe Tucker is refluxing and causing the congestion. The congestion is not any better with a tube down his nose. Cardiology is following all of these special tests and will be involved in the surgery and decision of what to do. We had discussed this procedure several times for Tucker. It has now become something that really needs to be done for him to progress into normal eating habits and to stay healthy ... can you imagine how raw his throat has to be with a tube down it for over a year, then to reflux and put that acid up and down your throat. Pour guy.

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