Friday, October 20, 2006

Surgery Date

OK, we are going in for the "Mickey" button-which is the tube in his belly instead of down his nose. November 3rd is the date. We go for pre surgery stuff next Thursday. Our ENT, Dr. Weatherly, will also be doing a scoping procedure that day to look at Tucks airway and trachea. We need to rule out a possibly anatomy problem.
The tube in his nose is causing problems, it really isn't made to be a long term thing anyway. We were just hoping to get rid of it and have him on a bottle or sippy cup. With the swallow study results and the fact that he is aspirating into his lungs,,,no liquid, nothing close to a liquid are allowed until after winter when another study will be done.
It will be nice to have a "tube free" face for the holidays but with ever good thing comes a bad thing. In this case---intubation and anesthesia. I am very nervous and scared. I know it needs to be done for his health but man oh man.....I know what trouble he has coming off a ventilator, and recovery time and more hospital time.
Sometimes we ask, a lot of times we ask, when is it enough. WHEN can we be away from the hospital visits, the medicines....WHEN.. WHEN...WHEN.. I just want to yell it sometimes. Tucker deserves to be a happy, healthy boy that can be President with all that he has gone through. We love him sooo very much!

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