Monday, May 22, 2006

05/22/06 Update

Tucker is doing great and I am back to work. They pulled his drain tubes on Saturday and we moved to the 4th floor. He is still requiring quite a bit of oxygen but will be able to be weaned off that as he feels better. He is getting pain medicine every 4 hours to help with the discomfort. We got smiles yesterday!!! That is always a good thing, he is on the road to feeling much better. I am hoping we can be home this week. I had forgotten once again how much we hate being at the hospital. It is so hard to balance everything. This is Hunter's last week of school, with half days Weds, Thurs, and Friday. Todd is back to work also, so the "HOME" time is non existent. We get kisses in the morning heading out the door, and a kiss at night heading to bed. It will be nice to have Tuck Tuck home again.

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