Tuesday, May 23, 2006

05/23/06 Update

Tucker woke up in great spirits today. I put him to bed about 1030 last night, he was sound asleep with his arms over his head. They pulled his staples out today, which caused some pain, but he is doing good. His oxygen is down to 1/4 of a liter-just a puff. They are going to try to up his feeds to 110 mils every 3 hours and skip the 3am feed. Right now he gets a continuous at night that starts at 11 and goes until 7am. This will get him closer again to a "normal" eating schedule. I am anxious to add back our fruit/veggies by spoon. I really think he will go like gang busters once we get over complete recovery. He is pulling his hands into his chest and holding them, which is good. They cut threw those chest muscles, so for him to have his arms and hands in the center is awesome! He played with some toys and put them in his mouth yesterday too. We are heading in the right direction.
Hunter has a little "graduation" tonight. She will be going to Middle school next year, graduating elementary school! WOW how time flies. Tucker will be one in 4, yes 4, months. Man oh man. Aunt Carla will go to the hospital to take care of Tuck while I go to Hunter's thing. Then I will go down to see Tucker off to bed. I feel in the dark not being down there all the time, being in the doctors face asking questions. I guess that is good for the doctors :)

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